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Skeet Range

Skeet Range

Skeet was invented by an enterprising grouse hunter around 1920, who wanted to sharpen his wingshooting skills. Today, while thousands of registered tournaments are held each year, most skeet shooters shoot to hone their skills for hunting or as a casual recreational sport. There are English, International, and American range variations (ours is American). Shooting distances are shorter than for Wobble Trap, and shots are more repetitive and predictable, with a variable tempo.

Sheet is shot with squads of 5 or fewer shooters, rotating among eight positions with clay birds thrown from a high and low house on the left and right of the range. A typical round of shooting (25 shots each shooter) takes about 25 minutes. More open shotgun chokes are generally preferred.

The Skeet range at our club, unlike at some other clubs, uses properly regulated heavy-duty equipment and accurate distances between stations, to qualify for registered tournaments.

Fees are as follows:
Guests:$6 per round
Members:$3 per round